Picture books

Have I ever told you?

How it happened... in 2017 a friend’s friend, Shani M. King searched me to illustrate his book based on a letter that he wrote to his kids… he just wanted to let them know how much they were loved, he wanted to encourage them, to give them a compass how to live a fulfilled and happy life… then he wanted to give the same tool to every other kids’ parents too… so he found out to write the whole story in a book… and he found me to make drawings to his text… we agreed to create a picture book that talk to every single children on this planet regardless of their colour, faith, rank or anything that divide us… that’s how the “hand” concept took form and that’s how “Have I Ever Told You” was born… It was first self-published at the end of 2017, then the 2nd edition was published by the Tilbury House, in January 2019.

Deux soeurs, Persévérance et trahisons… 

Imagine that... the same friend's other friend, Céline Dominik-Wicker asked me this year (2019) to illustrate her fairytales. (I have to invite this friend of mine for a lunch sometimes if she does so much for me, right?)

So, Céline writes fairytales based on old stories like this one, that is basically a feminist Cinderella... 

This book was published recently, in June by Éditions du Vénasque in France

Editorial illustrations

Other book illustrations

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